Cafes in Hudson Lane you must visit once.

Why Hudson lane of GTB Nagar is so famous?

Because of so much Cafes in Hudson lane with different cuisines, soothing ambience, delicious food, budget-friendly in just one lane. It is really economical for the students and nearby to North Delhi students. For Hudson lane, nearest metro station is Guru Teg Bahadur metro station.

1. Big Yellow Door Hudson lane

Big Yellow Door is a very famous food outlet in Hudson lane. It is so vibrant and attracts the crowd. Being a student it is difficult to do expenses daily on cafes. But trust me BYD won’t hurt your pocket. They are having four outlets other ones are in Punjabi Bagh, Satya Niketan and another one in GTB Nagar itself.

What to order?

  • Chilli bomb pizza is one of the best pizzas I had, the thin-crust with loads of chilli and cheese.
  • White sauce pasta also tastes well.
  • Heard a lot about their cheese bomb burger which is a must-try.
  • In beverages, the kit kat shake and green apple mojito recommended.
Cafes in Hudson lane

The ambience of this cafe is a perfect thing for a date with dim lights, flowers decors, and candles all around. The sitting area is also spacious. Whether it is south or north campus don’t think twice before going Big Yellow Door. Staff is friendly and the service is on time. You can order from your home too. How can I forget to tell they have Live Music too.

Approx- 800 for two.

2. Rico’s Restaurant/ Rico’s Cafe: Cafes in Hudson Lane

This is a perfect place for foodies because of it’s amazing food. Under one roof they provide you with three cuisines Mexican, American and Italian. They have two outlets in total other one is in Kamla Nagar, it is nearest to Hudson lane only. The Courteous Staff and the chic ambience makes this place perfect for having lunch or dinner.

What to order?

  • Their country Feast pizza is a must-try.
  • Vegetarian peri-peri pizza which was topped with capsicum, onions, corns with loads of cheese and peri-peri sauce.
  • Both the pasta of this place tastes well. But if you love white sauce try their white wine sauce pasta.
  • In the main course, I ordered cottage cheese steak with Pery Pery sauce, veggies and rice.
  • You can try Red velvet shake too.
  • There is always a space for dessert. Nutella and Banana waffle with whipped cream is their speciality and you can also try their chocolate mud pastry as well.
Cafes in Hudson lane

Talking about the ambience of this cafe will delight you. The service is very quick and the staff is helpful too. But there is no booking available, so you might have to wait for some time because there is always a good crowd there or you will be lucky enough to get seats easily.

Approx- 900 for two.

3. The Hudson Cafe: Cafes in Hudson Lane

If you came to Hudson lane and never been to Hudson cafe then where? I think the name itself suggests that it is the best cafe in the GTB Nagar. They make food totally with passion. The place never disappoints you by whatever you order. I love the way how the menu of pizzas is categorised under the zodiac sign.

What to order?

  • Momos platter was amazing highly recommended and wheat momos were the best.
  • Mix sauce pasta was really tasty and fresh.
  • Their cheese cigars are so famous and it is full of cheese.
  • Spicy vegetable quesadilla tastes well try it.
  • The shakes are also amazing here ( chocolate mud shake and mango wasabi margarita).
The Hudson Cafe

The ambience of the cafe is lively. The blue chairs make the ambience of the cafe so soothing and vibrant. They play good music I must say their playlist was quite interesting. Cute posters about food made it a perfect place for foodies. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable too. They have three cuisines Italian, Continental and Chinese.

Approx- 900 for two.

4. Cafeteria and Co.: Cafes in Hudson Lane

As I heard a lot of form people about this place so I decided to try it. Cafeteria and company is not only famous in Hudson lane but in the whole of Delhi. This cafe will always satisfy your food cravings. Cafeteria and Co. menu contains three different cuisines Continental, Fast Food and Mexican. The other outlet is in Satya Niketan.

What to order?

  • Paneer Tikka and Paprika pizza is a must-try. The thin-crust and toppings with lots of veggies make the pizza delicious.
  • Tiramisu shake is the best thing you will have there. It is a perfect combination of coffee and chocolate. The quantity was really impressive.
  • Pink lemonade is a perfect fresh thirst-quencher. It consists of combinations of fruits like strawberry, orange with the regular lemonade ingredients.
  • Beyonce burger is well flavoured with a chicken patty.
  • Death by chocolate is the really to die for.
Cafes in Hudson lane

Classy Ambience of this place makes it perfect to go for a date. The whole feel of this place is great and the crowd is always great there. But there is always rush there so try to book a seat in advance. The staff will help you to decide on their menu. The service is on time. Loved the place in total.

Approx- 1300 for two.

5. Mama’s Boy/ Mama’s Buoi: Cafes in Hudson Lane

It is one of the best rooftops restaurants in the Delhi University area. They have a full bar menu available and sheesha too. Sheesha starting from Rs. 500 only. This is a perfect place to go in the night with friends and enjoy. The cafe has two floors, one is a rooftop open floor and another one is closed one. The cuisines available in their menu are North Indian, Italian and Continental.

What to order?

  • Chicken Lolly Pop served with Dips. It was so crispy and mouth-watering.
  • Swiss Lindt is the perfectly sweet and finest chocolate shake you will ever have.
  • Tandoori veg. platter consists of mushrooms, tandoori paneer, malai paneer, malai chaap, achaari chaap, tandoori chaap and kebabs. The platter tastes well and the quantity was good too.
  • Spring rolls of this place is a must-try.
  • For deserts, Death by chocolate was amazing.
Mama's Boy

Talking about the ambience of this cafe is lovely with good Punjabi music. The staff listens to you politely and the service is good. They also had a small place for dancing as well. They have a wide range of varieties in their menu and the rates are moderate too.

Approx- 1000 for two.

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